Love Each Other As We Are All Humans

I wrote this on Thursday as I am at a wedding today, and travelled yesterday (which is very odd as I am writing this on Thursday talking about it being Saturday – the magic of Time Travel) so wouldn’t have time to put it together. As a result, this is a smaller post as I won’t have time to find any for Monday, so I am saving five for then.

Thinking about the wedding and the love that my friend has for his fiancé, made me think that you hear so much of wars, of murders, of killing, of death, horror, hate and pain. As a race of people, we humans have the ability to change the way we act and react. Just by telling someone how you feel about them may have good consequences all the way down the line. Just saying “Hello” to someone you meet can cause a smile and have them skipping off down the road and smiling for weeks. It may be the thing that stops them crying because of something we know nothing about. Just smiling at them, nodding to them, opening a door for them, stepping aside, saying good morning, all this may be the perfect thing someone needs. You never know. Why not do it anyway.

Have a great weekend. Thanks will go out on Monday for quotes today and Monday

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19 thoughts on “Love Each Other As We Are All Humans

  1. I think we are free to choose but we are not free from the consequences of our choice. if we choose to be a thoughtful person then stress is certain. If we choose to neglect a situation then sensitivity becomes an issue. But then thanks for sharing these amazing thoughts, I think life is easy and we should try making it simple 🙂

  2. Positive thinking is the way forward and it really helps us. Finally got a job but not paying much but at least something to start. So, thought of sharing with u, bro:)

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