A Cumbrian Adventure (Part One)

Over the weekend, I went to my friend’s wedding in Cumbria. 460 miles away. A long old journey, but worth it to see my friend make the best move of his life. The views of that area of the country are nothing short of spectacular. These are some of the shots. A lot of these I took whilst poking the camera out of a moving car. The one of my daughter wasn’t though.

Everybody Is Connected

I spent the weekend in Cumbria going to a friend’s wedding. I have known him for almost eighteen years, and he said he didn’t want his wedding if I wasn’t there, so he came and got me. A 960 mile round trip. I met a lot of his friends whilst I was there, and as a result, I am now forever connected to them, and they are forever connected to me. Just by talking to someone there, I have made a difference to them. My friend’s best “man” talked to me, so she has forever made a difference in my life.

On a Facebook page, Christina ~, I commented on an image that was shared. I said “..[we are] all tangled together by an invisible web that is completely unseen, but when you interact with someone, then you will forever be an effect on that person’s life” How you interact will determine that effect of that interaction. Be nice, and their interaction with you will be positive.

I hope you all have a good week. Remember to be nice to each other.

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