Friday Fictioneers: All Roads Come From Rome

Every week, Rochelle adds another donated photo so we can apply our writing creativity and come up with a short story of around 100 words.

This story is part of a saga involving a vampire, Raynard, and his prey, Saskia.

You can read the full story here on my page (the side of Raynard) or here on Jules’ page (the side of Saskia)


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Raynard sat at the table and looked down at the corpse beside him, having just satiated his thirst. He picked up the chopsticks and his mind flew backwards. Sitting around the dinner table, he pretended to eat so he did not look out-of-place with the other guests. The aura coming off the woman seated across from him felt all too familiar. It suddenly struck him and he stood fast. The girl squealed and ran, throwing a chair in front of him causing him to stumble and he tipped over the balcony railing.

That was the first moment he laid eyes on Saskia.

16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: All Roads Come From Rome

  1. Dear Al, I have read several of your stories with Raynard – I’m going to yell “Run Saskia, Run! Good story and I think she has a brilliant strategy to keep him at bay! Fun, interesting, delightful! Thanks, Nan 🙂

    • There is a lot to read through which is all at the top. Some mine – Raynard / Tess and some from Jules – Saskia / Good guys

    • It’s been going on for over a year so far and there are still avenues that need dealing with. Like what happened with Tess and the Shaman? 🙂

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