Sunday Photo Fiction: Truth Behind The Lies

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My story is part of an ongoing story on an alien planet called Vakaria with the main character called Dan. They are a tripedal, three eyed, four armed race, and they live together in somewhat harmony although after the people from Earth invaded Vakaria more than five hundred years before, but some rebelled against the invasion. The invaders were referred to as Earthers, and the sympathizers were called Humans.

If you want to read the invasion story, then read Daniel’s Story.

If you want to read this story so far, then read Daniel’s Legacy.

69 07 July 20th 2014

Truth Behind The Lies

Dan found Dahlia at the church, speaking to the priest. Every time he saw the man of the gods, Dan thought about how he saved him from the torture, but the loss of his hand would always be a stark reminder. He folded one pair of arms to hide the replacement.

He watched Dahlia throwing a ball in the air as she spoke to the priest, and judging by the rate that she threw the ball, was becoming more and more agitated. As he closed on them, Dahlia threw the ball screaming, and it hit the wall with such force, it exploded with a bang and fell to the floor.

When Dan reached the two, he gently placed one of his hands on Dahlia’s shoulder. “I have some good news and some bad news for you, Dahlia. The good news is, I found out who the killer is. The bad news is, she fell in the elevator”. Dahlia took an involuntary step back, and ran her upper left hand through her hair, “but she’s dead! What hope do we have now? There will be no…”

“She’s not dead” Dan interrupted her. “She faked it.”

Photo of the Week – Week 30

This week’s photo is one that I took from the mountain in Cumbria. It was so difficult to choose one as they all show the true beauty of a natural area. This one however, made me smile with the way it was poking its head around the corner of the rocks. It sat there for ages just watching us.

Week 30

The Sky Is Not The Limit – There Is So Much Beyond That

Just because you can’t see the stars during the day, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Just because your friends are not beside you, does not mean they are not there. Just because you can’t see the help you need, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Just because you can’t see your friends, does not mean they are not there. Sometimes you have to look a little harder for the stars, you have to ask for the help, you have to call to your friends. It is all there though. You are not alone. With the friends you have, you are able to reach the stars, you will have a reason to smile, a reason to not quit. The sky really is just the start. There is so much beyond, and you can reach it. If you don’t think you get there alone, ask for help from your friends, you can do it. You can make anything happen because you are you. You have strength inside you. You have your friends, and they believe in you. You have the stars, and they shine for you. Above all, believe in yourself.

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Perfection of Nature

Cumbria (28)

Hills rolling into the distance
Mountains, resplendent in majesty
Earth’s fingers, scratching at the sky
Showing off their beauty of life
Surrounded by deer, hawks, osprey
Creatures at one with nature’s essence

Cumbria (46)

Trees bending in the breeze
Branches dancing with birds
Leaves flowing in the air
Flowers enticing bees
Butterflies gambolling together
Grass listening to whispering wind

Cumbria (55)

Sounds echo through the valley
As people enjoy life
Together with no metropolis
Eyes taking in the perfection of nature
Seeing existence as it is meant to be
Mountains, birds, animals, life

Cumbria (77)

Together in exquisite tranquillity

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