Perfection of Nature

Cumbria (28)

Hills rolling into the distance
Mountains, resplendent in majesty
Earth’s fingers, scratching at the sky
Showing off their beauty of life
Surrounded by deer, hawks, osprey
Creatures at one with nature’s essence

Cumbria (46)

Trees bending in the breeze
Branches dancing with birds
Leaves flowing in the air
Flowers enticing bees
Butterflies gambolling together
Grass listening to whispering wind

Cumbria (55)

Sounds echo through the valley
As people enjoy life
Together with no metropolis
Eyes taking in the perfection of nature
Seeing existence as it is meant to be
Mountains, birds, animals, life

Cumbria (77)

Together in exquisite tranquillity

© A Forbes 2014

36 thoughts on “Perfection of Nature

    • It did. There is so much to see there. My friend – the one whose wedding I went to – posted some photos of his honeymoon. Although it was the same area, it is a different side to the same beauty.

    • Thanks very much LuAnn. I have been empty of poems of late so I was glad to have one appear for me. Well, it was one that I have split, but the other needs a bit more work on it

  1. Well, all I can say mate is that I have been mightily impressed by all the photos you took whilst up here. I’m extremely happy that you enjoyed the trip; although, I am a bit sorry that you’ve suffered for it. We just couldn’t imagine getting married without you there. There might be some pictures coming on my Facebook page for you to have a look at; Nowhere near as stunning, though!

    • Thank you Andrew, although “suffering” is not the right word as that would imply regret, and there is none. I enjoyed my time there, and I am very grateful that you came here and picked me up. I look forward to seeing the photos as well.

      Thanks again mate.

  2. Beautiful words Al and the photo’s you know I admire all of them. I wasn’t copy off your with Death Will Surely Follow. I just couldn’t decide which photo to use so I used them all. 🙂

  3. You really are making me jealous of your scenic jaunt. I love the line ‘Earth’s fingers, scratching at the sky’, that is a wonderful description of mountains and after watching the Tour de France it pushes my mountain fascination further.

    It’s nice there are still so many unspoilt areas of our little island that can be truly appreciated.

    • Very true. I thought I had set this to post today, but it appears I didn’t set the Schedule. Oh well, it’s out there now.

      I saw some cyclists riding up the mountain, and their stamina is second to none. Watching them was making me out of breath. I have the utmost respect for them.

      That line underwent several changes before it appeared as it did.

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