The Past Is There For A Reason – You Don’t Need To Go Back To It

As we got through life, things happen that teach us lessons. Whether they be good things or bad things, they still teach us a valuable lesson. We can be taught how to love, how not to love. How to smile, how not to smile. When to be quiet, when to be loud, and above all, that we are ourselves. There are times that we are taught that some relationships, some times some places that we don’t go back to. If you look back on them times and think “everything is going to be like that” then you are revisiting the past and letting it have a hold on you. If you look back and think “every time I do this, that will happen” or “every time I see this person, then this will happen”, you are staying in the past. You don’t need to do that. If you look behind you, do it so that you are seeing how far you have come. Don’t look back and stay there. You need to move forward. Don’t think “everything is going to be like that”, think “that was like that, this time it will be different” because the next time it can be different, if you allow it to. Don’t allow yourself to be ruled by the fears and mistakes of your past. They are behind you. There is a reason our eyes face the same way as we walk. So we can see where we are going, not where we have been. Looking behind, we miss things in front.

Have a great week.

Thanks today to:

Lessons Learned In Life

Lisa K Fox

Terry Shepherd (Blog)

The Mind Unleashed

Zig Ziglar

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30 thoughts on “The Past Is There For A Reason – You Don’t Need To Go Back To It

  1. Fantastic Alastair! These are great, my friend! Most especially loving your title. I’m still recovering from 3 wasp stings, a broken finger, and an allergy attack (no the wasps didn’t break my finger or cause the allergies to kick in, LOL) Although I’d like to blame them for those too. Thanks for your Monday inspiration! 🙂 xx

          • ha, ha. Did you know there are wasps that nest in the ground? (while cleaning up and weeding) I uncovered a humungous one (gigantic, several levels and no I’m not exaggerating. We had someone come in and he was shocked by the size also, but that wasp nest is now history! Yay!!! 🙂

            • I thought they only nested in the sides of buildings and things like that. I saw something the other day:


              Pollinate _____________
              Make honey __________ just a tit
              Only sting
              when they ____________
              have to


  2. What a valuable lesson you have shared here. Something that I have been working on fixing since Al passed. For me getting out of the situation I am in will help put the past in the past. I am learning so much from you and taking it to heart. I want to be living for the now, as you say the past is in the past. Hugs

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