No Matter What Comes Your Way … Keep Moving Forward

Heading your way is trouble. It always is. If you are going through a good patch now, a bad patch is coming your way. But … if you are going through a bad patch, a good patch is coming your way. No matter if it is good or bad, you must keep going forward or you will be swallowed by everything, and good as well as bad will rest upon you, making it hell on earth as you try to wade through everything trying to move again. If you keep moving, you get into a pattern, a synchronicity that only slows you down slightly. You know there is always bad coming, as you can’t appreciate the good without it. The same as you know good is always coming. It just takes a little longer sometimes. The reason for this is that we fret in the dark, bad times. We worry. But always remember that in the dark, you have friends. In the light, be a friend to someone who is in darkness. Be their shining light, their helping hand, their light at the end of the tunnel. Above all else, keep … moving … forward.

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50 thoughts on “No Matter What Comes Your Way … Keep Moving Forward

    • Thank you Christina. I am happy to be able to help. If I can make at least one person smile, I am happy, and it is good to know I can bring sunshine into your life. Thank you 🙂

  1. This is an especially good post Al. Particularly as I have a lot of people being negative about me at the moment. Some people are positive too, but this is certainly a more down time in my life. Through the downs, comes the ups – That’s one of my sayings. The law of averages suggests, what goes down must come up.

    • Some people are negative because they are not willing to try something new. They are not willing to step outside of their comfort zone so they try and bring down anyone who does.

      • I think it’s a case of some people like to put all of the blame on others too. Without accepting that everyone in any type of relationship, whether that is with a friend, work colleague, housemate or other, also has a responsibility for events unfolding and to try to work together to resolve issues, rather than put it all on the one person. Thankfully, my shoulders have got broader over the years.

        • I agree. I have seen people who point blank refuse to accept that they are in any way to blame for anything even if they are.

          • Oh Well! Their problem. I just try to tackle such issues head on these days and it seems to work most of the time. Thankfully the stress has become less and my foot swelling and rash has diminished as a result.

            • Which is a bonus. Health improvements always make for a better day.
              I never make mistakes. I thought I did once, but I was wrong

    • Thanks very much Wendell. I am glad that you liked them. If you are on Facebook, then the links provide so many more than I can post on here in one go

  2. I came over form Terrys blog and am happy I did. Your words are todays medicine. TY so very much.

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    • It’s true. Nothing ever stays the same and a good thing will always end. It’s how you can experience how good something is

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