Remember To Duck

As I was out today, there were some ducks playing in the water, so I decided to take some photos of them. Earlier in the day though, a wasp was in the house, and I had to get rid of it because Sully was chasing it around and I had visions of it stinging the inside of his mouth. So whilst it was under the glass, I took the opportunity to photograph that. As you do. Or is that just me? I did let it go afterwards though and it flew off. Then there were the lovely cloud formation.

35 thoughts on “Remember To Duck

  1. I try to persuade the occasional buzzing, biting, stinging creatures out of my home, but if they give me any grief then . . . well, you know. I really like the cloud formation.

    • I do if I have to although I would prefer not to. I have an electric zapper just in case. I like the clouds as well 🙂

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