Friday Fictioneers: Flight Plan

Every week Rochelle hands out a photo to use as a prompt in a story of around 100 words. Take a look here for Rochelle’s page if you want to join in, or take a look here if you want to see what others have written.

The plane took off in complete darkness and he laid his head back on the rest, closing his eyes. His fine black gloved hands on the armrests. The woman in the seat next to him patted his hand telling him everything would be fine. He drew his hand away instantly as if burned, claiming he had a skin condition. The woman apologised, and looked out of the window at the wing.

She asked him where he was going, he replied that he had a woman he wanted to surprise. She smiled as Raynard covered his eyes with an eye-mask.


You can read the complete story here on my page, and here on Jules’ page who does the story from the Raynard’s prey. I wanted to write so much more on this one, but I used 99 words already, so would have shot past the limit.

This week, Jules has also written a part for Team Saskia which you can find HERE

50 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Flight Plan

  1. Bad, bad Raynard! I hope he undoes his seatbelt and stands up just as a hole opens up above him. Of course it automatically seals as he is sucked out 😀

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      • I added the last three that I missed so you are caught up.

        I like the flash back where he first meets Saskia.

        whirrrr, whirrr can you hear me thinking 🙂
        Might not even bother with a prompt! Well your segment(s) being all I need to move forward –
        I’ll have to remember where they are and …well where to go next.

        • Haha I still need to do Tess. I think I have left her hanging for long enough as to which way she fell. Which was her dominant personality

          • OK – I wrote it and since it has the plane in it I’m going to link up with Friday Fictioneers.

            I still have to play with posting and other links Be back in a moment to give it to you…

  3. Al, It adds a bit to the story to know he travels by plane and not in a coffin. I can understand why he doesn’t want to be touched, being a vampire. Creepy as always. O_0. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

    • Thanks Nan 🙂 I love writing about someone that is so evil and still seems to win a lot of the time. There again, he has had 150 years practice

    • Thanks Amy. He is one of the most evil people I have ever written 🙂 The person you either love to hate or hate to love

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