Bye Bye Biplane

A couple of days ago, I was having to go backwards and forwards through the house as there was a biplane going backwards and forwards. It would have been a lot more helpful if he had just done circles where I could photograph him from one place hehe.

It may have been something to do with the commemoration services that have been going on across this country today to honour all the people who were involved in the First World War. 10 pm tonight is going to be a “Lights Out” across the country. All households are asked to turn their lights between 10 pm and 11 pm to mark the actual time that England became embroiled in the war.

41 thoughts on “Bye Bye Biplane

  1. Awesome photos. It’s a shame they didn’t stay in one place but you captured them on camera very well. As I worked into the early hours of this morning and only watch about 2 hours of TV a week, unfortunately I didn’t realise about the lights off. My lights were definitely on as I was working on my new site. I am able to leave the current one in place, whilst working on the new one. I have been working hard on it since 2.30pm today. It’s now just after midnight and I have just eaten my tea. I still have another 20 pages to add but won’t be doing those tonight. Night Al.

  2. Cool plane pics…makes me think of Snoopy and The Red Baron 🙂
    I try not to think of wars…they make me so sad. All the stuff going on with Israel and Gaza etc 😦 There are so many sad things in the news every day. Fires, famine, floods, and earthquakes too…… sigh

  3. I didn’t know about the lights out thing in England. My father tells me that, during WWII, their neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, had to turn off the lights at a certain time every night. After the Pearl Harbor bombing, apparently they didn’t know if Japan or anyone would make another such attempt. Of course, Dallas is some 300+ miles from the nearest coastal area, but everyone across the country had to take part in such exercises.

    I hope you didn’t wear yourself out, running from room to room, trying to snap photos of that plane, Alastair!

    • My flat is huge so I am glad it was slow plane and not a jet 😀

      In WWII, in this country due to the blitz, we had to turn lights off every night as well. Not even street lights and curtains were really thick to stop any light at all getting out. I didn’t know it was done in America as well, I can understand why. Pearl Harbour was one of the … if not the … most devastating attack on the US.

  4. I’m smiling, thinking of you going back and forth to capture these shots, Al, but you did a great job, as always! Reading your comment about the war is so devastating, though…you’re right, there is never any good about war with so many lives lost…

    • Thanks Lauren. Even though I was in the Territorial Army for a while, it was during peacetime so there were no worries of anything. There are always too many lives lost of any description in war.

  5. How dare they not stay in one place so you could capture them.. You did a excellent job any way. Rosy is right lives destroyed to save lives it makes no sense. I guess you can go to bed at 10 this way your lights will be out for the night. 🙂

    • I watched the news and the program about the commemoration. The amount of lives lost in that war went into the millions. I have always said that when your time is up, your time is up and nothing can stop it, But i fail to see the point of so many being lost in one go. There is never any good side to war.

    • It is very sad. It was the “War to end all wars” and it is so sad that so many lost their lives, and it didn’t end all wars.

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