Making your dreams come true… part 10…

Arthur grabbed a hold of my Gravatar (Globally Recognised Avatar) and decided to remove poor little Sully from it. I had no idea he was going to do that. Well, apart from when he said to me “Can I have a play with your photo and have you holding a duck?” Go have a look at what he can do with other things as well.
Whilst you are at it, he has a post where he is trying to break the record for most comments which currently stands at over 31,000 if you fancy adding your words or two

Pouring My Art Out

Why yes, I am still making your dreams come true, through the magic of Photoshop. My friend, over at:   really likes ducks… among other things… I mean, he is a writer and a photographer, and you should check him out.

He gave me his Gravatar picture to play with. In the picture, he is holding a cat. Anybody can hold a dang cat. That’s no fun. So I let him try holding a few other things.

Now you might ask why I chose to start off with the picture of him holding a slightly smaller version of me… You might ask that if you DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL!!! Seriously, have you met me? It is always all about me. I have a selection in that word cloud thing in my sidebar called ‘pictures of me’. Just because I offer to make your dreams come true doesn’t mean that I forget about…

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