There Is An Eye In Every Storm

Firstly I would like to apologise. I can’t access my blog properly or any other blog at the moment, and I don’t know why. I can access every other site on the internet, but I can’t through my router. It’s very odd. I have tried rebooting it, resetting it, restoring it, adjusting Sky Shield, removing Sky Shield, kicking Sky Shield (okay so not kicking really), using different browsers, screaming at different browsers, eating different browsers (okay so not eating really). It is frustrating because the only way I can see things is through either the reader – which doesn’t give me the whole post, or through my mobile which is not very clear and I will start to run up some very expensive data charges. Although it is frustrating, I know that it will be sorted out, so I don’t need to worry. I tend not to visit blogs over the weekend anyway, so I have time to get it sorted.


The problem is resolved and this is what WordPress had to say:

Thanks to everyone for working with us to identify and resolve this issue.

We have some automated security measures in place that prevent access from IP addresses that are seen as abusive or possibly harmful to Sky, the ISP who was blocked, routes traffic to the USA (and possibly other countries) for many of their customers over a small number of IP addresses, so in this case, one bad actor on Sky’s network caused multiple Sky customers to get blocked from accessing We have identified the IP addresses in question and worked around this issue for now.


Back to the main point of this post. As I look out of my window, I see trees bending in the wind and I can hear the whistling going past. This is because we are receiving the remnants of Hurricane Bertha, or Tropical Storm Bertha. When the wind comes and tries to force you back, what do you do? You brace yourself and lean forward, walking into it, determined not to be beaten by it. Then when the eye comes along, you get the chance to recuperate slightly before going on again, bracing yourself and going through until you have reached your destination. Think of problems in life as a hurricane. When the problem hits you, brace yourself and keep going. Move forwards all the time, one foot in front of the other. It may be slow going and it may seem like you are not moving, but you are. And there is invariably an eye to the problematic storm where you can sit and check what more needs to be done, where you can sit and relax for a few minutes, hours, days etc., and then do it again. At this point, you know that you are closer to the end than the beginning. The eye is in the middle, so you have got past the worst part. Now you know you are on your way out of it. You can smile at this point, but don’t lose your grip, don’t become complacent. Still keep going. You can do it. You can succeed. You are strong.

Thanks this week go to:

Christina ~ (Blog)

Smile At Me (Blog)

The Other Side of Ugly (Blog)

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36 thoughts on “There Is An Eye In Every Storm

  1. Hi Al 😀 Thanks for the info. I had the same problem yesterday. Unable to access blogs inc. my own and WP forum. Everything else was okay. I did everything imaginable but no joy. This morning when I switched my laptop on I was back to normal. Have a great Sunday. Ralph 😀

    • It was awful trying to get on there and post anything. I was on the phone for a couple of hours to my broadband company in an attempt to get it sorted.

      • I knew my blog was okay as I was getting Like emails and managed to read the comments by accessing WP via Google Search, My Stats, Reader etc. but there was no way I could access my blog even by Gravatar. I didn’t phone. My IP is Spanish so the failure must have been between Europe and the US. At least we are up and running again 🙂

  2. Great quotes …of course… hehe, well lets hope that storm is not too bad. I am worried about my new plants outside. I redid my garden a bit and I love it now.

  3. We are all in the eye of the storm at some point in our lives, so this is very good advice for all. Thanks Al and hope your internet issues get fixed soon. Hugs

  4. Hope the issue get sorted out. I know its irritating…But, love the positive thoughts and the storms we face in life. I feel one needs to be patient and slowly good things will come up:)

  5. Sorry you’re having issues. Just keep kicking and eating whatever is acting up. I would miss you. Maybe you need a blog rest.

    This morning my poem is about emotional storms. Though Bertha isn’t threating my corner of the world as of yet we were on the same wave length. We just have nice cool weather. See you when you are back in business.

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