Sunday Photo Fiction – Decisions, Decisions

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to write a piece of fiction with around 200 words. If you want to have a go, then head over there through this link HERE. If you want to have a go, then click on the blue froggy.

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72 08 August 10th 2014

Ryan flicked another switch as he flew his single seat plane to his destination. He did not know how to broach the subject of his infidelity. He needed to tell Ross he slept with a woman. He didn’t like it, but he still did it. He questioned himself as to what he would say. He looked out the window on both sides at the emptiness of the skies. He thought about not saying anything, maybe keeping quiet was the best way to be. He felt a chill run down his back and shuddered.

He thought maybe telling Ross he wanted to try to see if he did like women and found he didn’t, he preferred the company of men. Another chill run over him, and he shuddered again. Then he thought about just leaving Ross so he wouldn’t have to say a thing. That would be very difficult as he had strong feelings for his boyfriend, so he threw that away. Then he smiled as he thought about saying he wanted to try to get her pregnant so they could have a child and he felt the chill again. He looked out the windows again and saw three other planes. Each one piloted by him; each one bore his decisions; each opening a new line; each normally unseen by human eyes. Each pilot looked at each other in surprise and lost control briefly.

The crash report found four planes mangled together but with the DNA of only one person.

33 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Decisions, Decisions

    • Thanks Patrick. As it is past tense, and to keep the word count lower, saying “He needed to tell Ross he slept with a woman” is the same as saying “he needed to tell Ross he had slept with a woman”. There are also a few words that I don’t like using in a story if I can help it “had”, “put”, “got”, “get” and “was”. They don’t matter in a everyday writing. It stems from when I was at school and my English Literature teacher told me “You don’t put got inside or you will get put outside”

  1. Absolutely smashing …. no pun intended. Fascinating post to the prompt — and the uniqueness of the “philosophical angle” is awesome. It really comes together in such a creative and dynamic way Al! Bravo!

    • Thanks Kim. definitely nothing to worry about now. I saw something a while ago where each decision you make, opens a new destiny path where that decision was followed through. Each yes/no creates a new pathway. So if you make a decision – shall I write that post? There are two avenues that open up – one where you do write the post and one where you don’t and the they each go off onto their own unique pathway

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