What Have You Done, WordPress?

I just went to create a new post for friday Fictioneers, and I thought I had clicked the wrong button. The post creation is all wrong. It has changed completely! Where can I edit the title page location?

What have you done to my photos? I have gone from having used 3gb of space to having used 99.3mb! Where can I add Youtube links? Where can I add Twitter links? What have you done? There was nothing wrong with the post creation process. Please put it back!!

My tips pages are now useless as they are nothing like they are now! What happened to being able to start typing the categories and have them come up to save time? I can’t believe what you have done. You have destroyed the process of creating a new post. You have removed some of the categories and i have to add them again. I do not like this new creation process!

Even the Text window has changed.

Please, please, please put it back!


Don from A Pondering Mind has come up with a brilliant suggestion. There are two ways of creating a post in the old way:

Start the post as you normally would and then save it as a draft, and then go to the Dashboard, then select Posts on the left hand menu, and All Posts, then choose your draft and you can edit it the standard way.

The second way, is to go straight into the dashboard, select Posts from the left hand menu, and then Add New. This will create a post using the standard form. The proper way of doing it.

Thanks very much Don, I appreciate it.

70 thoughts on “What Have You Done, WordPress?

  1. Yeah, I didn’t like it either. Actually, it wasn’t too bad at first, but there was no Publish button! And the Preview didn’t work either. What was really jacked up was that when you did publish (accidentally, in my case) it didn’t actually say it was published… I only knew it because I got a Like notification LOL

    Very frustrating… WordPress is turning into the Facebook of blogging for (lack of) user experience…

    • At least now they have added a bit at the top that asks if you want to use the Classic mode. Although it still takes about 20 seconds to load up where you see the pathetic attempted imitation of an astromech droid.

  2. I have always created my posts from dashboard. Not sure what went so wrong but doesn’t seem to be real serious. I thought that is why dashboard had the new post option.

    • I always went through the name at the top right which was the same as the Dashboard option, so it was quicker. At least the dashboard makes it normal so it’s not too bad.

  3. Yes, I agree. It all became weird, difficult, it isn’t working well at all. It can be so frustrating that I don’t even fee like posting anything! Hope WordPress can fix them soon.

  4. I had the same experience this morning, Al, when posting my poem for today. When I hit publish, it wasn’t on my blog. So I then went to the dashboard and saw it there as a draft. Then I published it…very strange. I wonder if that’s how future new posts will be. I haven’t read other comments here so I might have missed some info. Anyway, just what we need, more tech trouble! 🙂

    • Yeah, I found that after Don mentioned it. It’s annoying that the short way of doing it – the drop down from your name in the top right corner – is all wrong now.

  5. A Pondering Mind is correct

    Before you hit Publish put your Post in Save or what use to be Draft but it may have changed again to Preview

    No matter what word WP is calling it today Save it

    Go into your DashBoard and bring it up under Posts

    Then add your pictures and finish it off the way YOU want it to be

    Then Publish

    And believe me it was not easy to figure that one out

    Trial and Error

    Also trying to reply to Comments I did finally finds those who Commented and ReBlogged in my Spam

    But some were never found???

    • I found that with comments as well. It’s Akismet going a bit OTT with the security Sometimes if a comment has a letter of the alphabet in it, it is obviously spam.

      Thanks very much for the confirmation, I appreciate it.

  6. What you have to do is, save what you are doing in draft. Then go to dashboard, and you will find what you wanted to post. That is how I found a post I wanted to send.
    It does suck, and remember the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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