A Backdoor For New Posts

After my post yesterday “What Have You Done, WordPress?” I saw a post that led to a thread on the WP forums of 11 pages containing complaints from people about the new BEEP BEEP BOOP way of the posts. None of the Happiness Engineers have taken part in that discussion.

I had a reply from another user on there telling me how to create a post using the standard – old way – of creating posts and it is so easy. I will create a screenshot showing how to do it.

Just click “New” … That is it. Not “post“, “page“, “media“, “link“. Just “New“.

New Post

53 thoughts on “A Backdoor For New Posts

  1. Beep Beep Boop

    Yah —- Boop = Poop!

    At least we do have options — but it’s no surprise when something completely workable gets flipped on its head, for no apparent “good reasons”.

  2. I have always created a new post through the dashboard so didn’t have this problem. And a good thing since I am not the techie so many of you are. I would have been frazzled.

    • It is definitely the most ridiculous thing they have done. Trying to get photos on there is an impossibility. I haven’t tried editing a post via that yet.

    • I should start reading the information emails I keep getting from them, maybe I will find out these changes before they arrive and can warn people. I think what they should do is to test it properly with some of the other people who work there. I was disgusted with the way some people were talking to the WordPress staff on the forum. They were very insultive even after other people were asking them to be nice to them.

    • You’re welcome. It looks like WordPress may be losing the battle to change it and may well be changing it all back soon (I hope)

  3. [ Smiles ] If I was a Happy Engineer, I would avoid this issue like the plague, because this is the worst mess up that WordPress ever did!

    • Haha I agree. I think Grace something or other drew the short straw. She said that there have been more people like it than don’t. Not a wise thing to say on a forum full of people saying how much they hate it

  4. So, the way that used to give the cruddy editing options before, is now giving what WP considers cruddy and what we consider “useful”?

    (OK, that made sense in my head…)

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