Throwback Thursday: The Mirror

Seeing that I have seen other people doing Throwback Thursday, I thought I would give it a go as well. The one I have chosen was the first Picture it and Write I took part in which was in April 2013.

First posted April 21 2013


Picture It & Write: The Mirror

It is not very often that I will see a picture and think “I need that out there.” I saw this photo and it immediately made me think of … well, if you read the story you will understand. My heart really does go out to all women in this situation. This photo comes from Ermilia with her Picture It & Write.

The Mirror

Janine sat crying looking at her legs. “Why did I have tattoos?” she sobbed. The man of her dreams had taken one look at her and told her that the tattoos had made her uglier than she already was, and that it did not help that she was fat and wore glasses.

She sat cursing her body. The tattoos had seemed a good idea at the time. She already knew she was overweight, but she could do something about that. She could diet, or just stop eating completely. Maybe if she had laser surgery, she could win him back. As she dried her tears thinking about this, her doorbell rang.

Upon opening the door, there was a small box. She looked around but there was nobody there. The road was straight so there was nowhere to hide. Janine picked the box up and went inside. Sitting down, she ripped the box open to find a mirror inside. She had never seen a mirror as ornate as this.

She looked at herself in it and she felt the tears come again as she saw her horrendous reflection. The glass wavered slightly and stilled again. Her reflection started speaking to her.

Why are you ugly?

“He told me I was”

Why are you fat?

“He told me I was”

Why do you hate your tattoos?

“He told me they make me look cheap”

Why do you hate your glasses?

“Because it stops my face from being perfect”

But you are not ugly. You are beautiful. Look at your face – it is that of someone who feels love. You are not fat. You are not a supermodel, your clothes fit you, and you are the perfect size for you. Your tattoos do not make you look cheap. They give you meaning, they make you unique. Your face is perfect with or without glasses. It is not you that he sees when he states these things, merely his own reflection of himself. Love someone who loves you for who you are, not someone who wants you to conform, but first, love yourself

17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Mirror

    • It is mean, it’s a form of abuse that some people use to keep people from going out and meeting someone else. Someone who would be better for them. They do it as a form of control.

  1. Interesting story. I think all of us at one time, for various reasons, we use a mirror. Seeking answers to our questions.
    Tattoo girl in the picture is remarkable, it is art! I like tattoos, but I did not – I just like to admire them.
    Have a great weekend, Al! 🙂

    • Thanks Sheena. It was the first one I wrote for Picture It & Write. I don’t know if I had seen something that had encouraged me to write something like that, or what, but I felt there are too many people who don’t think they look any good where in fact each and every one of us is a beautiful soul

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