Whatever You Suffer, Remember Someday …

…  You Will Comfort Somebody With The Strength You Found

When we go through hell, we learn. When we come out the other side, we are not the same person who went in, we are changed, sometimes very dramatically, sometimes subtly. We will always remember those times though, and when we look back on them, sometimes they will make us go cold, other times we look back on them and say “Hah! I beat you!” What we do though, is we learn from that journey, and if we see someone going through the same thing, or a similar thing, we can help them. We can walk beside them holding their hand, telling them that they are not alone, they have someone steadying their legs, wiping their tears, carrying them when necessary. We can help the way someone helped us and then they in turn will help someone when the time comes. We each have a part to play in someone else’s life, we each are able to make a difference in another person’s life due to what we have learned through the pains we have suffered … are suffering. So never forget, if you are going through hell at the moment, there are people beside you. They are helping you, holding you, carrying you even though sometimes you may not see them. They are there. We are there.

You will get through

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43 thoughts on “Whatever You Suffer, Remember Someday …

      • You’re welcome, and you did. I just finished writing my life story titled “The Silent Sufferer” This post seemed to close the chapter, and I know I wasn’t alone in my grief.

        • We never are alone. Sometimes we just can’t see who it is near us, and we can’t see the proffered hand either sa we are either too absorbed in our own pity. we are trying to get through intact, or we are just facing forward gritting our teeth that we can’t see what is on either side of us.

  1. well I hate to be the one to point this out, but the world is also full of people who wouldn’t give up but never won anything… just kept getting beaten up over and over again…

    • They will win. I was constantly attacked, bullied, insulted, beaten when I was at school, and into my first few years in work as well. I may not have won what I wanted to, I didn’t win the girl, I didn’t win the money, I didn’t win the good health, I didn’t win all the good luck, but I won what was necessary. I won my kids. I won happiness.

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