FAIRYTALE #21- Weekly Prompt – Weddings

Every week, Anja posts a new Fairy Tale Challenge on the Mind Loves Misery blog. I haven’t been able to take part in a lot of them, but I wanted to do this one as it jumped out at me.


Kyra stood looking out her window at the procession. She smiled knowing today, the biggest day of her life, took a lot of work and pain to reach this far. She thought back to a year ago.


Liana glared at Kyra. “You are not spoiling the day for me, Sister!” Liana spat vehemently. “Just because there are no males who think you are marriage material. Just look at you! If it were not for my father marrying your mother, you wouldn’t even be living in the house; you would be out there, with the rest of the scum.”

Kyra shook her head causing her ginger hair to flow. “I am not telling you to make you split with him; I am telling you that he cheats. I have seen him with others, kissing them when he thought no one was watching, coming out of short stay disreputable buildings with females who take payment for services rendered.”

Liana flew across the room grabbing Kyra by the throat and pinning her to the wall, starting to choke the life from her. Kyra pointed behind her and croaked “there!” Liana turned and saw her betrothed exiting a public vehicle arm in arm with another female. “NO!” screeched Liana. “This can’t be happening. I need to stop this” Kyra smiled with relief as Liana left.


Kyra arranged her veil and breathed out as she prepared to go to the church and become a married woman. She looked in the mirror first and smiled. Looking deep into her own eyes, she could see her alter ego, still huddled and crying. She doubted Liana would ever bother her and her betrothed again.

32 thoughts on “FAIRYTALE #21- Weekly Prompt – Weddings

    • Thanks Anja. I changed the twist at the last moment. I felt this one was better for this story than the other. I will try to participate more though.

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