Walk Gently And Lightly On Your Path today …

And Leave A Trail Of Lights So Others May Find Their Way

As you travel about your day today, remember all the good things. When you think things are going dark, remember the light. Look around you. You will see people when you are out and about today. How many of them are going through a dark time. How many know if you are going through a rough part? By thinking positive, you raise the energies around you, these energies leave a trail behind you and will raise the spirits of those who follow. Have you felt your energies raise for no reason? Maybe it is because someone is raising theirs. On the other side, have you felt your energies sink? Maybe it is your time to try to raise theirs.

Smile at people, nod to them, say hello. Compliment them, do a random act of kindness. You would be surprised at how much difference that can make to someone. I was in a café a couple of months ago and there was a woman behind me. She had a tray with food and drinks, and when it came time to pay, the woman at the till totted mine up, and I told her to include what the woman behind was having. The woman was shocked, and tried to get out of me paying saying she was ordering a breakfast, so I told her I was paying. It cast me about £5 extra, but the look on that woman’s face was awesome. She had a huge smile on her face.

You don’t have to pay for someone to make them smile, just a word or a nod, a compliment, a smile. It will make you feel better as well.

Have a great Thursday.

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57 thoughts on “Walk Gently And Lightly On Your Path today …

  1. In the (computer news yesterday) over 450 people in a fast food line paid it forward to the people behind them starting early and lasting throughout the day.

  2. I’m trying to keep my energies raised, but it’s not easy. Then again, nothing ever is. But we must continue to fight back against this Darkness that has taken root in so many of us.

    • Thanks Mac. The fight is never easy, there again, if it was easy, then would it be worth fighting for? We learn to appreciate what we have more when we fight for it. Remember though, when it is dark, that is when the stars shine, so they help to light the way.

        • It is something we tend to forget when we are in the darkness. We tend to think any light we see is just more problems heading towards us, we duck out of the way thinking it will save us, when in fact it can be someone coming to rescue us

  3. I think this is the story that silentlyheardonce was referring to above. An unbroken string of 378 people who visited a St. Petersburg, Fla., Starbucks on Wednesday “payed it forward” for 11 hours: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/400-customers-pay-florida-starbucks-article-1.1911813

    Note at the bottom of the article that In December, a pay-it-forward spree at a Connecticut Starbucks lasted for days and affected nearly 1,500 customers.

    HUNDREDS of smiles!

    • I couldn’t stop the damn videos on that page.

      It is an amazing feat that it went on for so long. Sometimes it makes me proud to be a human.

  4. What you did in the cafe, buying the lady’s breakfast. I read today this man started off by buying the person behind him coffee. That person did the same and the chained continued from 10am to 6pm. The workers told the customers what was going on but they she didn’t understand cause her response was I just want to buy my coffee. That’s a nice jester. My poem tomorrow is about kindness sorta.

  5. Great post! It’s the little things…you never know what a person might be going through. Even just a smile and friendly acknowledgment can turn someone’s day around. Great quotes, too!

    • Very much so. I know a couple of people who are fighting cancer, and you wouldn’t know it to look at them, so a smile would more than brighten their day, it would make them feel “normal” when that is the least they are feeling at the time.

    • Thanks Lauren. I tried to buy a homeless person a bag of chips once, but when I brought them and headed that way, she had about eight or nine people with her exchanging money, so I changed my mind and the birds had a lot of it.

      I brought a different homeless guy a KFC once. I refuse to give them money so they can spend it on gambling or alcohol. Food, i will give them. There was someone once who was begging, so I brought him a bottle of drink – orange, and he was disgusted. No thanks, no nothing. People like him irritate the carp out of me. I know, fishy tale,

      • Interesting reply from him when you’re only trying to help! Our church feeds the homeless in our area during the winter and it’s humbling. They look like you and I. They’re so grateful for a dry place to sleep for one night and for one warm meal. I don’t know how their lives are on the streets but I can only imagine. I also don’t give money. It’s too easy to buy alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. So food is the best idea…we can only try to do our best to shed some light on someone’s day..

  6. Hi Al, this is such a moving post. Thank you so much. I must admit I tend to raise my own energy levels most of the time, rather than people raise mine, but I do have people who raise my spirit when they pay me a compliment and make me feel great. Then I feel like I am floating on a bubble. You are one of those people Al. Thanks for the link to my blog.

    • Thanks Sandra, and you’re welcome. I used one of your quotes, so I linked back 😀 I always find it hard to hear compliments. So I pretend I wasn’t listening lol

    • Maybe I was doing it so the girl behind the counter would like me. Although that would be difficult because she is nearly at retirement age 😛

        • Haah no, I was mucking about. She is happily married. I do have an age limit for me. Usually eight years either way. So from late thirties, early forties, to early-mid fifties. Mind you, I have given up on all the dating sites now anyway. If I meet someone, I meet someone. If I don’t, then so be it. I’ll always worry that they are going to cheat, lie, try to use me or be abusive anyway.

          • I understand what you mean, as I have had my own bad experiences, but I am sure you will find someone wonderful for you. You are a fantastic guy with a lovely soul, and one day a wonderful woman will come into your life and stay. I believe there is someone for everyone. In the meantime, enjoy life, spending time with your kids and friends and keep being the inspiration that you are to others. You are awesome, don’t ever forget it.

            • There is someone for everyone, but I feel the one for me only stayed a while. If I look into my future, I don’t see me with anyone else. Never mind. More time for my kids

            • If they only stayed for a while, they weren’t right for you. I can’t see myself with anyone in the future either. So maybe me and you either haven’t found the one yet, or are better off single.

  7. I am usually fairly observant when I am out in public. I look people in the eye when I pass them, or try to. I always find is sad that so much of the small part I live in is sad. Blank faces, screaming at children, angry eyes, very few smiles. Good post and great reminder!

    • Thanks Terry. I will admit, that I tend to keep my eyes low, but that is an attempt to not be seen. I look around when I have a camera to my face. I prefer to look at the world that way. I see more through the lens. I don’t try to hide then. I also see people who notice what is going on around them as they stop and wait for me to lower the camera.

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