Also Ran To Week 34

I clicked on the wrong way to create the post, and I didn’t get the BEEP–BEEP–BOOP. Looks like they have decided the creation by the two-year-old wasn’t such a good idea after all.

It was difficult choosing a photo for this week, I really loved some of them, the one I chose, though, is one similar to one of these, but I am not saying which one. I did change several times as to which photo I would use.

These are the close runs. The flower mixture, the yellow seems to be the only flower with life left in it.

35 thoughts on “Also Ran To Week 34

  1. Cool photos. But I just got the bleep bloop boop yesterday. Though I had a friend comment that we have the choice to go back to the old way. I didn’t see where that was. I just go back to the dashboard. I do hope they took it away completely. There wasn’t enough room to see the whole post. That was the most annoying thing to me. It was also a bit redundant – in that once you updated it didn’t take down the post/folder you were working on. So you had the edit and the update at the same time.

    Thanks for your kind words on Sonja’s adventures. I came looking for yours since my Little Miss is napping…

    • I’m just about to write mine. I have been a bit on the busy side this week. Luckily I have already set this week’s one so I don’t have to worry about that. Although I have forgotten what it was I chose.

    • Thanks Ste J. I never used to notice the things I do. But it has come at the cost of seeing other things. The amount of times my son has said to me:
      “did you see her?”
      “no. Who?”

      “look at that car dad”
      “What car?”

  2. 6 photos down, that one cloud looks like an arm and hand are coming out of it to hold the sun obscured by the cloud. Was hard to choose wasn’t it?

    • Wow It does look like that 😀 It was hard, but I think the one that I have chosen for tomorrow as the Photo of the Week blows them all away. The detail is exquisite, and I just sat looking at it for ages. It wouldn’t surprise me if it ended up as a contender for the Photo of the Month this month

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