You Are Part Of A Puzzle In Someone’s Life …

You May Never Know Where You Fit In, But Someone’s Life May Never Be Complete Without You In It. 

Take a look at It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart. he says he is pointless and the world would be a better place without him in it, so Clarence grants him his wish and removes him so he can see what life would have been like without him there.

Now look at your own life, and how you have made a difference to so many people. Look at when you were a kid. What decisions did you make that stopped someone from doing something? What did you do as a teen that stopped someone getting so paralytic that they would not have been able to move. Or you stayed with them when they were paralytic to stop them doing something stupid? When you were in your twenties, what decisions did you make there that made an impact on someone’s life? You may not know what you did, but in making those decisions, you changed the course of that person’s life. You made their life better. The same as people being in your life, have made your life better. Look at these people, and if you feel like it, thank them.

Have a good weekend.

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26 thoughts on “You Are Part Of A Puzzle In Someone’s Life …

  1. Louise Hay is incredible! Love her books and her spirit! And it’s true… the Law of Attraction tells us to only think positive thoughts toward ourselves. We would NEVER talk to someone else we love the way we talk to ourselves sometimes. (well normally) We have to give ourselves some slack and be kinder to our own psyche. If we don’t love ourselves, it is going to be difficult for someone else to love us 🙂

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