Sunday Photo Fiction: The Power of Words

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74 08 August 24th

The Power Of Words

Jenx looked up and down, scratching his head. “Something not right here Blake,” he called down to his companion. “This feels like … I don’t know … maybe wax? But how could it be wax?” Jenx knelt and ran his hand over the wall, feeling the texture and then wiping his hands on his leg, clacking his teeth and flicking his fingers.

Blake laughed at Jenx “If it causes that kind of reaction then I would definitely say it is wax.” He kicked his foot into the wall to create a foothold and began a long slow climb to meet up with his friend. As Blake neared the top, a powerful bright light lit the area. Jenx looked around, panicking as the temperature started rising exponentially. He reached over and helped the other climber to the top of mass.

Looking into the distance, they saw what appeared to be a huge wall with movement on it, and a cold realisation rolled over Jenx. “Uh … what exactly did you cast, Blake?” Pulling his wand out, Blake replied saying “I repeated the incantation you told me to. ‘By the old Gods and the new, transport us to Larval Amph’.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Power of Words

    • Waving a wand makes you wonder if wandering with wanderlust is a wander wonder wand.

      Okay, that sounded better in my head 😛

  1. Is it just karma or what…when fools play at magic? And then their are those who are able to transport us with words – and have fun too! This you have done 🙂

  2. LOL, gotta watch those accents and pronunciations!

    This just reminds me, I may need to fight with the kid over who retains custody of the lava lamp. 🙂

        • I prefer my traditional one. It is darker near the top so the wax looks like it is changing colour. I remember when larval amphs were so expensive that no one could afford them. These were £13 ($18) for the standard and £20 ($29) for the lightsaber.

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