Life Is Like A Butterfly

The other day, I went to collect something from my daughter’s school and as I was walking down an extremely steep hill, I had to stop. One of the reasons I started taking photos is because if someone just stops in the road, people will ask if they are alright. If someone stops and starts taking photos, they are ignored. So I stopped and looked around for something to photograph. There was a butterfly, and although I posted one photo last week of it, it wasn’t as close-cropped as these are.

Butterfly (1) Butterfly (2)


42 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Butterfly

  1. Even stopping because of pain can be turned into something good, it helps that you have a keen eye for a photo though and also a device for taking them!

    • Yes it does help. Although the spiders I tried to photograph today all did a runner when I got too close. I am hoping the distance ones came out. May have to put a warning on them ones

  2. Nice shot, I like the eyes on butterflies. I wonder sometimes if their eyes are like snowflakes and no two are a like. Well except the left and the right on the same butterfly, but I think you will know what I mean

  3. Nice photos! BTW, I got Butterflies from Netflix a few months ago… wow… that took me back LOL She always reminded me of my own Mum. We used to joke that a family friend used to take her date loaves home to build a wall in his back garden.

    • I’ve heard a couple of people are having that problem.

      Unfortunately it is not temporary. 13 tablets a day and 12 years of it places it in the “oh well, that’s life” category. Nothing I can do about it, so may as well make the best of life.

  4. Interesting observation with the stopping and how people treat that. I may have to see what goes down next time I have that happen.

    Of course, great pictures as always 🙂

    • Thanks Sheena. I can’t always walk a great distance because of the pain, and having a stick doesn’t help the image much hehe

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