No Sense Being Pessimistic … Wouldn’t Work Anyway — John Robb

When I saw this on a Facebook page, I knew it had to be the title of the post today. I hope it gives you a smile, it did me when I read it. Being pessimistic about being pessimistic. Which means the only thing you should be, is optimistic. Things will get better. When you are the bottom, the only way is up. So don’t be pessimistic. If you think the glass is half empty, it isn’t. You may have half a glass of liquid, but the remainder of the glass is filled with air.

The two things you need to survive – liquid and air. Both in a half-glass. Is your glass half empty? No. It’s full.

Have a good Thursday.

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Smile At Me (Blog)

Stay Strong

The Ouroboros

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36 thoughts on “No Sense Being Pessimistic … Wouldn’t Work Anyway — John Robb

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    • Thank you Seyi. I do appreciate you saying so. Pessimism starts on the downward spiral that is difficult to break free of. Hope you have a good weekend. Hugs to your family.

  2. And…

    You can say ‘no’, eat muffins and chillax. My comment on this lovely post:

    We do have to please ourselves first. That adage of helping yourself first so you can be fit to help others comes to mind too. But really my question is why does it take so long to learn to say ‘no’. We don’t have to say yes to every task or request set before us. Pleasing other people is fine and dandy – but if you aren’t happy with yourself that feeling will translate to a half done job. Or at least one done with half a heart.

    One doesn’t have to be taken advantage of to be a good person. Sometimes that extra muffin and checking on our friends through modern social media is the little boost our self confidence needs to help us on our way.

    Be well and enjoy the sunsets, sun rises and the time you take to stop and smell the roses…and muffins

    That frog tickled me! Cheers!

    • I loved that post, and your comment was spot on. Although I think I would prefer to aid others first. I suppose its making up for all the wrong I have done.

      • I am far from the perfect angel.
        But I think there comes a time when the effort must account for something and you need to stop trying to balance the scales and let the universe or whatever other higher power you have faith in – do just that so you can enjoy the time you put in helping others rather than always feeling you have a burden to accomplish more.

        Take that glass that is full of potential and keep it filled with humor, love and cheer – and I believe it will appear to be an endless supply that you can always draw on. 🙂

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