Remind Yourself That It Is Okay Not To Be Perfect

One of my favourite Dr Seuss quotes mimics the title of this post:

Today, you are you
That is truer than true
There is no one alive
That is youer than you

You are you. You are the person you were born to be. Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. It is how we deal with those faults that defines us though. If we try to run from them, they will rear their heads when we least expect them to, usually when we are in a life changing situation. You don’t need to broadcast your imperfections, but you also don’t need to hide them away. Make them a part of who you are, but don’t allow them to take over your life. You are you.

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The Hater Free Zone

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The Ouroboros

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23 thoughts on “Remind Yourself That It Is Okay Not To Be Perfect

  1. That’s true. There’s no need to broadcast imperfection. Our human bodies are actually full of useless imperfections!

    • You have muscles around your ear, but they are poorly developed. You can still stir a bit on your ears, but not enough to turn them against sound sources, like many other animals can.

    • Goosebumps. Goosebumps is a clever design if you’re covered with fur, because they help with air insulation, but we no longer have fur, so it’s actually a total waste.

    • We all have a small part of a third eyelid in the corner of our eyes. Sharks, reptiles and some birds still have this third eyelid.

    • Wisdom teeth. Very convenient for our plant-eating ancestors, but now most of us don’t even use them – and as many as 10% of us never even get them.

    • Fantastic information there. I love that. Thanks Cardinal. I believe our spleen is also a useless organ. Or that could be our appendix. Maybe both. I never studied biology.

      Thanks very much

      • I’ve never studies biology either, but I’ve also found it interesting to read about the subject (in retrospect perhaps I should have studied it…)

        The spleen is very important and it helps to clean your blood, so you must be thinking of the appendix. For a long time researchers have believed that the appendix was useless, but according to recent research, a theory has been made that it might be important in the development of our immune system, especially early in life.
        Some scientists also claim that later in life, the appendix functions as a hiding place for important bacteria, so that when you have a sick stomach, the good bacteria hides in the appendix and re-colonize when the danger is over.

        So, it might not be that useless after all.

        • oooh. That is definitely not useless. So glad I am not a doctor. “Something wrong with the stomach – okay, remove the lungs to stop the pressure on them” hehe

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