Friday Fictioneers – Kumbaya

Every week, Rochelle shares with us a photo that we use as inspiration for a piece of fiction in about 100 words. If you want to have a go, visit Rochelle – HERE and if you want to read what others have written, then click HERE


On the outskirts of Vancouver, Stuart, Rose and Sarah sat around their campfire telling tales and trying to frighten each other. They heard a sound from the shadows, and Stuart picked a flaming stick from the fire. A deep voice came from just out of their sight apologising for startling them, and a six-foot tall man came into the glow. He asked if he could sit with them for a while. After looking at each other and the girls nodding, Stuart agreed, but told him to sit on the other side of the fire. As he moved to the other side, Raynard ran his tongue over his teeth. He would feed well tonight.


To read the full story of Raynard, you can read it HERE on my page, or on Jules’ page who writes the other side of Raynard’s story, from the point of view of his prey, Saskia, HERE

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