Photo of the Week – Week 36

The other day, my daughter and I were coming back from the city, and someone had parked in the middle of the road stopping buses getting past, so we decided to catch a train. As we waited, I took photos of the track and then used the after-touch on the camera to turn it black and white. I love the effect it gave.

Week 36

40 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Week 36

  1. Absolutely awesome image — and the B&W lends its an otherworldly and old-world charm that I would suggest gives it slightly more “meaning.” To be sure, the color version is lovely, but there is something so evocative about B&W photography that color can never equal, imho.

    Great Composition and all Al 🙂

  2. What sort of person parks in the middle of the road! I love railways, especially old photos and I would have assumed that this was one of those, it’s amazing what cameras can do. There are many stories to be had from a photo such as this. Magical is how I see it. I particularly like the sun, that makes it, it is the quintessential type of photograph.

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