The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are …

… The Second Greatest Is Being Happy With What You Find

Lauren (LScottThoughts) posted the other day and it made me think. We all where a mask, and sometimes we let the mask slip. Are we happy with what we see behind it? Why shouldn’t we be? It is the person we have been created to be, the person we really are. When we see that, we can start to think about being happy with that person, we can start to look at what that person can do, what that person can be. If you lower your mask, what is to say you will be any less loved? Or any more loved? What is to say we will lose friends? Or make more friends? By being ourselves we can attain so much more. We can reach our full potential by being us. By being yourself. By being you. So be you. You are the best person to be you.

Have a great weekend.

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28 thoughts on “The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are …

  1. It’s so important to know the reality of yourself, it’s dreadful to know it doesn’t bother people to live behind a mask that doesn’t even belong to them. Spooky! Thank you for your wise post, Al!

    Warm Regards,

  2. Great post and great quotes! Discovering yourself is definitely a process of trial and error. It’s hard work to search internally and try new things, but once you start to narrow in on the things that make you come alive it is incredibly rewarding.

  3. Yes I am fearful that I won’t find a do I get on the other side of that dear man? I do love your inspirational posts…

  4. Good Morning, Al! Thanks so much for the ping pack and mentioning me. I’m honored and these inspirational posts are uplifting bits of sunshine that we all need, no matter the time of day! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again! 🙂

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