Sunday Photo Fiction: The Newton’s Cradle

This is very late as the time is almost upon us for the next Photo Fiction. If you want to have a go at Sunday Photo Fiction, then take a look HERE where you can find out that you write a story from a photo in about 200 words.

Other stories are HERE.


75 08 August 31st 2014

“JEX!” the voice called from another room. “What in the nine hells are you playing at?”


“Jex, I asked you a quest… Jex?” Ciona looked around the room for her brother. She checked behind the door, knowing what he was like for suddenly leaping out on her at any possible chance.


She held one of the balls on the Newton’s Cradle to stop the motion. As she carefully released the sphere, a sound from the hall caught her attention. “Aha! No hiding now; I know where you are,” as she raced out into the hallway.


Ciona froze, feeling goose bumps crawl over her forehead and down the back of her neck. She slowly turned to look in the other room and saw no one, but the Cradle was in motion again. “Stop it Jex, okay you’ve had your laugh, I’m scared, okay. Haha. Come out now.” She slowly reached for the cradle, hesitating before grabbing the ball and stopping the motion, making sure it was still.

“JEX! Please! I’m scared now! Please!” she turned toward the kitchen and seeing her reflection in the window, her fear rose.


She turned around and whimpered as her reflection grinned behind her.