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Friday Fictioneers – Multi Prompt – Return of Jex

Every week, Rochelle shares a donated photo with us to create a story in around 100 words. Me being me, I love to do serials, and this serial is different. It is a multi prompt. I have several stories going at the moment, on Friday Fictioneers, I have Raynard the Vampire; on Sunday Photo Fiction, I have Daniel’s Legacy and A Journey to Olympus; and on Jeremy’s Daily Challenge, I have Mama Knows Best.

Last Sunday I had the idea of a story from a Newton’s Cradle on Sunday Photo Fiction, and created the start of a horror story. I then carried that on with a prompt of the word “Bacon” from Jeremy’s Daily Challenge. I am now carrying that on here, with the mirror prompt. You may want to read the full story, if you do, then scroll down past the image first before reading today’s story as that is where I am putting the first two parts.

Be warned
this is a horror story.
If you are easily scared,
it may be an idea not to read.

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When she finally stopped screaming, Ciona dared to look in the mirror again and saw her own reflection with tears, not the one she had seen just moments before. She groped for the dropped knife, never taking her eyes off the reflection in the mirror. Ciona felt the fear, and expected her reflection to do something at any moment. Then she heard movement in the hallway. It was her brother. “Ciona!,” Jex shouted. She ran out to him crying. He started running towards her and stopped suddenly, shaking his head and backing away. Suddenly arms reached out of the hallway mirror, grabbed Jex and pulled him in.


“JEX!” the voice called from another room. “What in the nine hells are you playing at?”


“Jex, I asked you a quest… Jex?” Ciona looked around the room for her brother. She checked behind the door, knowing what he was like for suddenly leaping out on her at any possible chance.


She held one of the balls on the Newton’s Cradle to stop the motion. As she carefully released the sphere, a sound from the hall caught her attention. “Aha! No hiding now; I know where you are,” as she raced out into the hallway.


Ciona froze, feeling goose bumps crawl over her forehead and down the back of her neck. She slowly turned to look in the other room and saw no one, but the Cradle was in motion again. “Stop it Jex, okay you’ve had your laugh, I’m scared, okay. Haha. Come out now.” She slowly reached for the cradle, hesitating before grabbing the ball and stopping the motion, making sure it was still.

“JEX! Please! I’m scared now! Please!” she turned toward the kitchen and seeing her reflection in the window, her fear rose.


She turned around and whimpered as her reflection grinned behind her.


Ciona grabbed the Newton’s Cradle and threw it across the room. “JEX!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face, and sobs catching in her throat.

Ciona wrapped her arms around herself, trying to protect herself from whatever was scaring her. Sniffing, the smell of bacon lingered in the air, along with the sound of crackling like fat popping from the meat under a grill. She walked into the kitchen and the aroma vanished instantly. Ciona felt the grill and found it stone cold.


Screaming, and no longer able to control herself, Ciona ran out the front door and closed her eyes, dropping to the floor, sobbing. Looking up, she crawled backwards as she found herself in the kitchen, which contained no door to the outside. She stopped when her back came to the cupboard. She could still hear the clack*clack*clack of the cradle. She pulled herself to her feet and grabbed a carving knife from the side. The knife still had the remnants of the last meal carved on it, but Ciona did not care. Her terror was higher than she ever thought possible. Glancing in a mirror, she saw her reflection, and blood dripping her knife. The reflection raised a finger to her lips making the motion to be quiet.

Ciona screamed.