Not content with playing with the Post Creation, they have now adjusted the buttons on the notifications bubble. The “Reply” button has shifted to the other side. It took me a while to realise that it had moved. There is nothing wrong with how things were, so please stop bloody playing with it.



Great that post 2500 had to be a moaning one.

64 thoughts on “WORDPRESS!!! STOP IT!!!

  1. Almost the end of another month, Al! Where is the year going? 🙂
    I confess, I haven’t ventured into the new mode yet. Chicken, or what! 🙂
    Hope all’s well aside from technology.

      • Very briefly, Al. My laptop seems to recognise that I’m a techno dunce so it just gives me a hint then lets me go back to my old ways. No worries, hon. I can’t keep up. Hope life’s treating you well? 🙂

        • That’s the best way. I think the only people who will like the new one, are the new people to WordPress who don’t know the old one.

    • I have just re-installed Windows on my computer in an attempt to stop it blue-screening, and now it has gone back to bloody beep-beep-boop

  2. Amen Al … I know that all the nerdy chaps have to have an outlet for their “improvements” but it’s really becoming a bother … I really hate the beep boop beep and besides that editor does not work better than the one in the dashboard .. to the contrary. I’ve enough bother my with internet server etc. without all this change for no good reason.

  3. I’m guessing that the people that continually come up with the ‘good’ ideas never actually have time to write a blog post! Therefore they don’t see how silly all this new stuff is.

    Did someone say they have started a poll? I can’t find it, but it may have been a Facebook page.

    • It’s ridiculous. They do it to annoy people, I’m sure of it. This is the last time I pay for it. Next year, the .wordpress comes back because I won’t pay for something that is becoming unusable

        • There’s no point at the moment. They are going away for a week whilst they come up with new things that they can change.

          Hi everyone!

          This is just a heads up that the team from Automattic will be at our annual company-wide meetup from September 15-23, cooking up new and exciting things for WordPress.com users. This means that our contact/support forms including the Staff Answers forum will close end of business day September 12th until September 23rd.

          Our public support forums are always open, in case you have any questions that the community might be able to help with.

          If you need a refund, you can get one directly through your dashboard, under Store > My Upgrades.

          If you are new to WordPress.com, you might want to check out a step-by-step guide to all things WordPress and our support documentation.

  4. If they can make all those changes that do nothing but annoy us and make our lives harder, then why the he** can’t they allow us to “refuse” someone who decides to follow our blog when all they want is to sell their business e.g. marketing, how to improve your blog etc.
    I don’t want 300 followers if at least a quarter of them never make a comment and never respond when you leave a comment on their blog. I refuse to thank people who follow my blog when I check out their blog and find they’re running a marketing business, a ‘how to improve your traffic’ or the content of their blog offends me. Wake up to yourselves WordPress.

    • Well said Lyn. I was Nia’s blog yesterday I replied to a comment that all they did was give the link to their own blog. Every post it was the same and it was marketing blog. They can’t fix things like that, but they can change things no-one wants

  5. WP, do you hear us complaining? I didn’t think so. If we are dissatisfied, we will be the first to let you know. We want to concentrate on our writing, not wasting time on trying to figure out where you have placed things now or what changes you have made. I am on WP because I liked the set-up. Please stop trying to make subtle changes that are not needed!!!

  6. YAY A! I agree keep their paws off of things. I seriously think it’s a bunch of techie dudes sitting around trying to mess with us sometimes. They probably sit there with their finger on the button and then watch the posts fly! 😀

  7. I refuse to use the new bleep bleep bloop thingamagig. First of all it adds code to my code – it closes up my clean code and makes it one line of mess (and I’m a constant “editor” … yes I admit it lol), which makes it ridiculously time consuming trying to edit – the entire screen looks childish, outdated and annoying and well – I don’t want to spam your comments so I won’t keep listing what’s wrong with it. If you go to dashboard, posts and then either add new and/or all posts (to edit) you’ll see the old editor – that’s what I’m using.

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah, mine defaults to that now – on this profile. I still have to go the long way round on the other one, but it is beep beep bloody boop – who on earth thought that would be a good idea?

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