Sunday Photo Fiction – Multi Prompt – House Of Horror


Every week a new photo is added as a prompt for writing a piece of fiction around 200 words or so. If you want to have a go, head over to the page HERE. If you want to read other stories that people have written, then take a look HERE.

This is part of an ongoing horror story that has used Sunday Photo Fiction, Jeremy’s Daily Challenge and Friday Fictioneers. To see where this started, read the start of the story at the top under Fiction »» Do You See What I See

76 09 September 7th 2014

Ciona ran to the mirror screaming for her brother. When she reached it, all she saw was her own reflection. Her brother was nowhere in sight. With tears running down her face again, she pounded her fists on the mirror. As she stopped, she saw a door open in the reflection, a door that did not exist in her room. She slowly turned, and saw there was indeed an opening. Gripping the carving knife tighter, she headed toward the new area.

Everything inside her screamed not to go, but if there was a hope of finding her brother, then she needed to. As she stepped over the threshold, she saw stairs leading up and down. Shaking, Ciona looked back at her reflection and jumped as she saw it still standing where she last stood, and pointing downwards.

Taking a step forwards, the door closed and sealed behind her. She ran back and found no trace of a door or anything having been there. She tried to calm her wildly beating heart, and started walking downstairs, straining her ears, and heard a high-pitched tortured scream. She tasted blood in her mouth as realised she was biting her lip.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Multi Prompt – House Of Horror

  1. If her false reflection is telling her to take the stairs going down, I’d be taking the stairs going up…then again, maybe that’s what her reflection wants her do do. Then again… :-/

  2. Whoo hooo – we are in for the ride – and enjoying every moment of this. Great and fascinating. And I love how this idea is playing out Al.

    I’m really glad that you decided to run with this 🙂

    • Thank you. I have to put the warning at the beginning of each one as I don’t want to throw it on someone who is scared of horror stories

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