Waxing Moon

I took a few photos of the moon going through its waxing stage (from new to full). I didn’t want to use one of these for the Photo of the Week as I do that quite often. I did play with the lighting a bit, which means that when I took the photo of the moon darker, it still came out white instead of orange. The photos are from half full as before that, the moon was visible in the early hours of the morning.

35 thoughts on “Waxing Moon

    • Yes, I played with the shutter speed and the ISO creating different effects. The ISO tends to lighten or darken the sky, create a graininess and gives a dark halo around it.

    • Haha thank you. I wanted some if it waning, but it has been waining so I missed the waning. Now I will be whining.

      Well, it was cloudy anyway.

    • Thanks very much. That was one of the reasons I explained it. Veering winds – clockwise, backing winds – widdershins. Both have winds that are high – as in tall.

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