Photo of the Week – Week 37

As I posted a black and white photo last week, I have decided that I will do all photos in September in monochrome to keep it fair. Some photos look stunning with no colour in them, and I was trying to take photos of flowers earlier in the week, but they were too light so didn’t stand out well. This one did though.

Week 37

Smiles Makes All The Difference

I was reading blogs yesterday – okay today seeing as this is scheduled as my computer is going to be on a fix haul this weekend. I was reading Michelle Marie‘s blog, and she was saying that she was in a bad mood, and then she had to take her daughter to the doctor’s as she had a fall and injured her knee. Although she was in pain, she still managed to smile, and it made Michelle realise that there’s a reason to smile all the time, and smiling can make all the difference.

I went to take some photos at the rowing club on Thursday evening as one of the rowers was heading off to Bristol to do her final year at University. I saw an old couple sitting on their steps with blankets over their legs and I thought it was so sweet. I waved to them and said “good evening”. The woman gave me such a huge smile and waved so much I thought her arm was going to fall off. It made me smile knowing how happy she was that I had acknowledged her. I did think of asking for a photo of them, but changed my mind.

Michelle found that if her daughter could smile in the face of adversity, then so could she. I smiled and said good evening to a woman, and that smile she gave me was worth a billion smiles. So a smile can make all the difference. Smile. It’s good for you.

Hope you all have a great weekend

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