Photo of the Week – Week 37

As I posted a black and white photo last week, I have decided that I will do all photos in September in monochrome to keep it fair. Some photos look stunning with no colour in them, and I was trying to take photos of flowers earlier in the week, but they were too light so didn’t stand out well. This one did though.

Week 37

28 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Week 37

  1. For some odd reason looking at the photo, the black and white made it not seem quite real…I find that odd that the lack of colour can tell the senses something different. I love the monochrome direction, I look forward to the next.

  2. Lovely Al….just lovely! The lighting is beautiful!! I love black and white photographs. I think they tell a different story. One of my favorite photographers Ansel Adams does a lot of monochrome photos of landscapes. Also Dorothea Lange! Are you familiar with her?? She did b&w of migrant workers in a documentary form. Her pictures are surreal! She captures the spirit of the people she took pictures of…..

    • I don’t normally go for monochrome, but thought I would give it a go with the train one, so thought I would try this one as well. The photo prompt is monochrome this week, but sepia

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