Time Out Can Make Even The Worst Chores Seem Bearable

Taking time out for yourself can make a world of difference. Just a relax for five minutes. I was talking to someone this morning, and we were talking about stress and how sometimes people smoke to relieve the tension. I gave up smoking 8½ years ago, and she gave up smoking 20 years ago. I said that I think how this works, is not so much the nicotine, but what you do with the cigarette. You take a deep breath in, and then a long breath out with your first puff. In essence, you are expelling the tension. I am not saying that you should smoke to get rid of the tension, and I am not saying you should quit smoking (although it may not be good for you), but the act of the deep breathing is what counselors tell you to do when you need to expel tension or bad feelings.

Taking five minutes, ten if necessary can give you the smiles needed to tackle to jobs that need doing again.

Sorry if this is disjointed, I have re-installed Windows on my Laptop and not everything is working properly yet.

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