A Few Of The Week So Far

Taking photos today, I was turning each one black and white to see if it would come out well enough for the photo of the week. None of these did. Well, the flowers did, but it was a flower last week. Here are a few I took.

40 thoughts on “A Few Of The Week So Far

    • I went into that pub with my son for his 18th birthday so I could buy him his first drink. They have the names of all the channel swimmers across the walls and ceilings and their times. 22 miles, and some people go both ways. Two people did it three ways. Dover – Calais, Calais – Dover, Dover – Calais. They are allowed 10 minutes of standing on dry land before starting again, and they are fed and watered by food and drinks on a pole.

  1. LOL until I clicked on it, I thought the second-last one was a duck. Then I realised it was a rock. Guess I won’t be sent out to get the food if I ever go camping 😀 Nice photos, Alastair, all worthy of a calendar page.

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