“Be Strong” A Phrase That Is Easy To Say But Hard To Do When You Are Broken

Be Strong. You can say it to so many people and walk away feeling you have achieved something.

Be Strong. Two words that can make you smile because you know you have helped.

Be Strong. What if you don’t want to be?

Be Strong. What if you don’t know how to be?

Be Strong. So easy to say. Sometimes so hard to do.

Be Strong. What if you have tried that and failed?

Being strong isn’t all that you can do. Having the strength to go on when everything around you is saying “it’s okay, no-one will be surprised if you want to give in.” Being strong is just the start. You need faith as well. I don’t mean religious faith, although that wouldn’t go amiss. You need faith that it will work out. Mother Teresa once said:

I know God won’t give anything I can’t handle,
I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.

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