Going Down A Storm

There was a thunderstorm here a couple of nights ago, and it all seemed to be focused in one area – clouds. It reminded me of something out of a Sci-Fi movie. So I set my camera to point there and had the shutter open for 10-30 seconds. These are a few of the results. They are all in the clouds, there are no ground strikes. As I can only use photos up to October for the 2015 Calendar as waiting for November and December would cause the calendar to come out late, I am going to use one of these photos for November, probably the fourth one.

Going Down A Storm (1) Going Down A Storm (2) Going Down A Storm (3) Going Down A Storm (4) Going Down A Storm (5) Going Down A Storm (6) Going Down A Storm (7)

48 thoughts on “Going Down A Storm

    • Thank you Courtney 🙂 Nine months of the Calendar have been chosen. January to August and November. September and October’s photos of the month will go in it, but I am adding November and December so it can get out before 2015. I also need to check on the price of them as well. The photos will be the full quality ones of the photos that have been on here. I have reduced their size and quality quite drastically.

    • We are having more and more of them. We used to have them once a year or once every two, but now, they we have between 6 and 15 a year. A couple of weeks ago, we had three in a day.

      I was lucky these were all in the clouds and in one place. I have tried before and caught nothing.

  1. Those are extraordinary photos, Alastair! I love storm clouds. I’m not frightened by them, although I respect the power of storm systems.

    Several years ago a massive storm system approached the Dallas / Fort Worth area, while I was at work in downtown Dallas. We heard tornado sirens going off. I became fascinated with the movement of a large cluster of dark clouds, as I stood in an office just looking out at the purplish-gray sky. I then realized I was alone; everyone else had moved into the stairwells! They were frightened by the approaching storm.

    • LOL I love that. It’s the type of thing I would have done. I just recounted one of my trips on Jackie’s comment.

      Another time, we went to stand under the lip of this building, it was the perfect spot to watch the storm over the sea. When we got there, there was a bloke already there, and we got chatting. It was just after midnight – could have been 11pm or 1am, it was a long time ago, and he said (I remember it clearly) “I have to go to work in the morning, so I need to go home to bed. Before I do, I want to see lightning strike just there” and pointed just over the barrier. Within two seconds, lightning struck there. He looked at us and said “Oh well, I guess it’s time to go home then. Night.” And off he went. So funny and incredible.

      The only time is has scared me is when lightning struck the conductors of a church and two from the rail station all from the same streak, It was loud, it was terrifying, it was magnificent, it was beautiful.

    • Thank you Jackie. I love watching lightning. I used to go storm chasing before my kids came along, and one time we went up onto some hills where there were loads of other people. One person gets out of his car and takes out an umbrella. Of course, everyone around him scatters. Then he realised what a fool he was, apologised and put it back hehe

      • 😀 Some learn the hard way. I was hit indirectly when I was cranking my grandmother’s windows closed. The jolt threw me clear across the room and knocked me out for a short time; my cousin who was helping me thought I was dead. My house has been hit – hard – twice. The lightning bolt ripped bark off a tree out back, went under the pool, blew up the power supply and threw yellow sand in our pool, it went into the basement through the pipes and traveled the electrical circuit all around the house and killed an outside light, a radio, my computer and several miscellaneous items. Yeah, I get scared. I unplug computers when it rains and when lightning begins I stay in the middle of the house away from the windows.

        Your images are really surreal, though, simply breathtaking.

        • I can understand why you are scared of them. I think I would be as well.

          Thank you, I have never taken photos like these before an d i am so happy with htem

  2. Great catch, Al! You were very inspiring to catch these shots! Fantastic, is heaven in a storm!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful evening, Al and exceptional new week! 🙂

    • We had no rain with this one. It was great that it was in one area so I didn’t have to guess. I was going to video it as well but my video camera was out of charge.

      Have you noticed, we still call it a video camera when it doesn’t use videos at all. In 100 years people are going ask why it is called a video camera and they are not going to know the answer.

      What is a video?
      I don’t know, it is some archaic thing to do with moving images.

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