Owl Be Seeing You

Every Saturday, an Owl rescue Sanctuary takes some of their predators into the town centre to try to get donations whilst showing how beautiful they look. They are very happy with people taking photos and stroking the owls. They really are magnificent. I was going to see what it looked like black and white, but it didn’t stand out enough.

67 thoughts on “Owl Be Seeing You

    • They are. I could watch them for hours. There was a fair a few years ago, before I was doing my photo of the day or even before I had a decent camera, and there was a guy there with an owl. He had all the kids sit in a line, and the owl went one end of the line, with him at the other. There was about 20-25 kids. He held some meat up, and the owl flew over the heads of the kids. It was awesome to see

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