Brick By Brick


32 11 November 3rd 2013

Scars from loss and woe
Memories of future times
Broken from what does not show
Tears from paid for crimes

Smiling to hide the truth
The face an impenetrable mask
Hiding a misspent youth
Avoiding questions people ask

Reflections of an unknown face
A visage with no trace of trials
Life and lies keeping pace
Pain hidden behind an array of styles

WallIf just one person sees the cracks
A defect in the protective walls
Then picks up a chisel and hacks
To be there when it falls

Throwing aside each discarded brick
Making way through grime and dust
Attempting to convince there is no trick
Each step earning respect and trust

Finally coming face to face
Offering protection of their own
Of the wall, there will always be a trace
Always a fear of ending alone

Flower Power (6)Pain, Lone, Loss, Strife
Peace, Friends, Joy, Pride
Love, Smiles, Fun, Life
Truth, Trust, Turned, Tide

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