Putting The “Sit Down” In “Go Get It”

Okay, time for a giggle, and I will say, there may be bad language. These are a joke and not designed to be actual inspiration. I hope they stick a smile on your chops.

09-10 09-11 09-12 09-13 09-14 09-15 09-16

46 thoughts on “Putting The “Sit Down” In “Go Get It”

  1. Another one where you got me right off the bat on the first one.
    And – when I do manage to keep my mouth shut – my face still says it all.

  2. Long week…. today is the first day I have had to sit down and get some caught up. I just now read these and I am still giggling!! After the week I have had!!! These are soooooooooooooo appropriate! Now where the hell is that remote???!!! πŸ˜›

  3. Yeah I think I know some folks who have all these in their daily ‘play book’ –

    FYI a was able to add a four prompt to today’s daily – fun when that happens πŸ™‚

  4. That is great, you made me laugh this morning…. they are all so great. And oh yes I love the penguin one ! so cute….
    God to have some inspirational fun too…. thanks Al, off to work now!

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