If We Wait Until We Are Ready, We Will Be Waiting For The Rest Of Our Lives

Thanks to Quirkybooks on Facebook for the title.

How many times have you thought about doing something and then said: “But I’m not ready yet”? How many times have you waited and then the chance is gone, and you tell yourself “oh well, I wasn’t ready anyway”? Waiting to be means waiting forever. You need to do it, whether you are ready or not. You may well find that when you start, you were ready anyway, you just didn’t know it. By doing it now, you don’t miss the chance. If you fail, you have had the practice, and you know that you are more ready than you were before. You will never be fully ready as there is always something to send things awry, it is up to you to step past the skew-wiffy bits and carry on, showing the world that you really are ready, and showing the world that they can be ready too. YOU can be the inspiration people need. YOU can be the motivation they require.

Enjoy the remainder of your week.

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