Flowers Minus The Colour

My daughter went to the orthodontist yesterday, and as we had to wait for her retainers to be made due to having her braces out, so she suggested we go to the local gardens for me to take photos. I decided to choose some and make them monochrome. I like the way a lot of them have turned out.

40 thoughts on “Flowers Minus The Colour

    • Thanks very much Kim. There were so many more there, I could have stayed for ages. Although a lot of them were just bare branches now, but there were little birds in there as well that I would have loved to have searched out

  1. when you click on the first one to enlarge it, and then scroll through them, you can see just how spectacular they actually are. Love how the sunlight really glints off a couple of them. I can see why you’re pleased with them Alastair–they’re great 🙂

    • Thanks very much Lyn. That’s one of the reasons I do them in a gallery, it is easier to scroll through them. That and it takes up less room hehe.

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