The Trouble With Bubbles

Every week, a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction of around the 200 word mark. If you want to have a go, then go to Sunday Photo Fiction HERE, and if you want to see what other people have written, even though this week’s hasn’t proved popular, they are still good stories, take a look HERE.


This is a multi-part horror story, and you can find the full story HERE. This is the last couple of lines from the last “episode”

The train rounded the corner and Ciona tried twisting her ankle to ease it out, but her hands would not come off the stones. Frantically, she tried wiggling her foot to free it, but the rail kept tightening its hold on her.

Hands gripped her under the arms and yanked her out just as the train roared past.

78 09 September 21st 2014

As she tried to catch her breath, Ciona turned to see who her saviour was, and saw nobody around. She found herself back in what appeared to be the boiler room. She looked around for the carving knife but couldn’t find it anywhere. Now she felt more exposed, more vulnerable, more scared as she made her way through the pipes.

She ducked under a low one and regretted looking down to go under. As she looked up, bubbles filled her bedroom. For a moment she thought it was all a dream until she looked down and saw herself sleeping in her bed. She knew the mirror was beside her, and the temptation to look in it grew stronger. Fear rose again at the thought of what may be there.

More and more bubbles appeared from nowhere, popping on the walls. As each bubble popped, green slime slid down the walls. She ducked as one flew close to her head and as she followed the trail, she caught a glance in the mirror and fell over backwards at the sight of a creature with horns out of his head and red skin looking like the typical demon. Her counterpart on the bed started to choke as bubbles popped on her face, more and more were falling on to the sleeping form.

She took a step forward and fell through the floor.

Photo of the Week – Week 39

I went for something different for the final monochrome Photo of the Week. As my daughter and I were going to and from the Orthodontist on Wednesday, we noticed some “conkers”, chestnuts, on the ground so my daughter picked them up for me, and today I thought I would pose them in a still life shot. I then got my daughter to choose between this one and the one that had originally been the shot of the week.

Week 39

Don’t Stress Over What Could Have Been. Chances Are, If It Should Have Been, It Would Have Been

Too often, we use the two words that can create a paradox, the two words that could change the universe, six letters in two words …


If only I had done this, that would have happened.

If only I hadn’t done this, then those wouldn’t be needed.

If only I had said that

If only I had agreed

If only …

If only …


If only’s are no good though. Saying “If Only” won’t change anything. If we should have said that, we would have. If we should have done that, we would have. Don’t panic over it. It’s done. Or not in some cases. Is stressing over it going to make a difference? No. Is it going to make you happy? No. Is it going to make things better? No. Is it going to keep you upset? Yes.

So try not to stress over things you cannot change. All you can do is make the best of a bad situation.

I hope your weekend is good for you.

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