Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Time

I saw on S Thomas Summer‘s blog that the challenge this week is Night Time. I love night photos. So here are a few of mine. All are from 2014, and the lightning is from last week.


49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Night Time

  1. I like your night photos Alastair. I’ve tried some moon shots myself, but I don’t have a telezoom, so at best the moon just looks like a tiny pixel turd on my shots…
    It’s fun to play with long-exposure and lights like you’ve done here.

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  3. [ Smiles ] Nicely done, Al. All you are missing now is a picture of a vampire or some other creature of the night.

    For the record, your photos are magnificent!

  4. I remember when you took the first one of the cars on the road, I still love that one. The lightning is gorgeous!

    • Thank you 🙂 That was my first photo of the week. That lightning will be in the calendar for next year. Thankfully, there will be a calendar after I thought I had lost every one of my photos.

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