The End Of The Horror Story

This story has been across three different prompts – Sunday Photo Fiction, Friday Fictioneers and Jeremy’s Daily Challenge. I have enjoyed writing this, but there is only so far you can go with horror before it loses its intensity, so I think it is time for the finale now using Jeremy’s latest challenge post. I hope you have enjoyed this, and I hope you like the finale.



The creatures looked towards Ciona as her vision began to swim and dizziness overtook her. She closed her eyes and gripped the wine rack beside her, and the creatures yelped. As she looked up, she saw them all running away with a large man striding towards her holding an axe dripping with blood. She reached for the door to slam it, but it moved just out of her grasp. Each lunge and the door moved further and further away. The large figure had a maniacal grin and lifted the axe, and swung it for head. She screamed and water covered her face. Opening her eyes, she found herself on water in a boat. Looking around her, she saw the two other people who she did not recognise. One turned around and had only half a face, and as the other turned, he revealed himself as the axe-man. He stood in the boat and lifted the axe, Ciona only vaguely thought that she should have seen it. Trying to back away, she found she kept sliding on the damp seats. She screamed as the axe swung towards her, splitting her head cleanly in two.

Ciona’s eyes flicked open as she heard screams. She ran into Jex’s bedroom and woke him from his nightmare. He recounted seeing horror through her eyes. “It’s just a dream” she told him. “Everything is fine. We don’t even have a Newton’s Cradle.” She held him close as she heard a *clack*clack*clack* from downstairs …

28 thoughts on “The End Of The Horror Story

  1. Absolutely great piece you’ve managed all the way through Al! Kudos and well done – and yeah, I love the full circle – or orb – clack clack clacking away. Great job 🙂

      • Well yes, that may be a bit predictable – but I still think it is a completely fitting ending to what was a suspense filled beginning through the middle. 🙂

        • Thank you. I also didn’t want to drag it on for too long or it would become boring with one person going through all that horror in such a short space of time.

          You know, I had a dream once that I had dyed my hair. I woke up and found that I had. Which woke me up and I had to check, and my hair was dyed. Then I woke up, and this time I knew I was awake and although I knew my hair wasn’t dyed, I still had to get out of bed and check. It was really odd having a dream within a dream within a dream.

          • I have these types of happenings very often. I dream with such intensity and clarity that I awake but am still caught in the dream.Sometimes, like you though, I have been caught within a dream within a dream within a dream – although I can’t say it was anything as interesting as having my hair dyed?!

            What can be freaky, for me, at any rate – is actually being up and moving about – attentive to what it is I need to be doing – and yet the dream is still literally unfolding before my eyes – it’s like living a split screen. It can get rather intensely weird.

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