Coming This Tuesday … The Return of the Haibun

Tuesday October 7th 2014 sees the return of Haibun Thinking with “Film Week”.

A Haibun is a Japanese literary form that combines one or more paragraphs of your written narrative (prose) with a concentrated (short) poem – the haiku. Hai stands for haiku, bun stands for prose.

The haibun and/or the haiku present a relationship between the nature of the human experience and ‘nature’ (the natural order of life).

If you want to see some examples, here are a few links to example Haibun,

Ego by Anja Partin

And Music Of The Past by AnElephantCant

New Horizons by Michael Grogan

Earth Day by Al

A Haibun for the Howling Moon by Penny

If you wish to submit a piece of art or a photo, please send them to:

A Haibun is a piece of fiction or non-fiction that you feel from either of the prompts, and this ends with a rough Haiku. The “normal” Haiku is three lines long with a set amount of syllables. Line one has five syllables, line two has seven, and line three has five. This is a Haiku at the end of a Haibun that Anja wrote at the end of her post “Ego”:

words can mean the world (5)
or shattering silent sounds (7)
listen for the beat (5)

Just because the standard has the set has 5/7/5 does not mean yours has to. As long as it is three lines and kind of sums up the story or finalises it.

after all not all lines (6)
can be summed up in (6)
specific syllables (7)

I hope you will join in if you are interested.

returns October 7th 2014


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