Sunday Photo Fiction: Tracing Racing Tears

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79 09 September 28th 2014

Carole sat at the table nursing her drink, and looking at the figurine. A tear escaped the corner of her eye and made its way, rolling down her cheek, releasing its grip on her chin and falling through empty space for what seemed an eternity, before hitting the table with a splash that no human seemed to notice. She blinked several times to try clearing the remaining escapees before they could make it out of the tear ducts.

She placed her hand on the dragon’s head and traced her thumb down the right side. She couldn’t help the sob that escaped her, along with a bubble from the corner of her mouth. She noisily sucked it back in and ran the back of her hand across her mouth. Two tears started rolling down her cheeks, one on either side of her face, seemingly in a race to her chin. Another tear escaped her left eye, following the track of its predecessor, quickly catching up with it and merging into one.

She leant her head forward just as the tears let go of her face, both tumbling downwards through empty space and both hitting the dragon at the same time. Nothing happened though, because it was just a figurine.

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