If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going – Winston Churchill

I have probably used this in a title before in one form or another, but it is something I truly believe. Hell is somewhere we have all been, and some of us are still there. By carrying on going, things will undoubtedly become worse, but with each step, we come closer to the other end. If we turn around and go back, we run the risk of having to go through it again, and we have to go back over what we have gone through already. You also may be closer to the other end than you think.

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Live Life Happy

Raging Rhetoric
Christina ~ (blog)

Some Assembly Required

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19 thoughts on “If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going – Winston Churchill

  1. I had that quote on my refrigerator until I got out of hell and back into joy. It took awhile but worth the trip. Bought come cards with that saying for friends going through hell. I send them out as needed. Some people think hell is a place, I think it’s a state of mind. Glad to be done with it. All of your quotes are excellent and I live by them. People say it’s selfish to take care of yourself but you can’t give from an empty cup. Like the airlines say, put on your own oxygen mask first. I’ll keep browsing your blog looking at all the good stuff. 🙂

  2. I would prefer to avoid hell, but then again I guess we all would, right?

    Thanks as always for these!

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